The Band

Drew Michaels  –  Guitar

Drew MichaelsDrew was given his first guitar, a no-name nylon string acoustic, when he was ten years old by his grandmother.  After failing to learn anything after a few frustrating months, he found himself listening to Pearl Jam’s “Even Flow” and it dawned on him:  If I can’t play guitar like a rockstar, I can at least smash a guitar like one.  And smash it he did.  It took 3 years of convincing his parents that wouldn’t smash his next guitar and, finally, at the age of 13 he received his first electric guitar.  While learning guitar was equally as frustrating as the first time, he persevered.  Perhaps it was all the videos or Stevie Ray Vaughan or Jimmy Page that inspired him, or maybe it was just that he was 13 and understood that girls like guys that play guitar.  Either way he practiced day and night, often sacrificing sleep and always sacrificing homework, until something somewhat recognizable as music came out of his amplifier.  From that day forward, he knew he would always be a guitar player.  That day, was yesterday.  So the moral of the story is, ask your parents to buy you a guitar.  If they buy you an acoustic, smash it and beg for an electric.

Les Samuelson  –  Guitar  |  Keyboard  |  Vocals

Les SamuelsonOriginally a drummer, Les soon became tired of lugging all that equipment and envied the guitar players who simply had an amp and a guitar.  So when he left home for San Diego State, he left the drums for his brother and started playing guitar full time.  At that time it was basic stuff, with several years of lessons with fingerpicking style and baroque stuff mixed in.  He was in a band in school that was mainly a Grateful Dead cover band as that was what everyone wanted to hear at that time.  After moving back home to Orange County, he started taking Piano lessons and after several years started mixing in guitar lessons with piano lessons.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that Les finally pursued his junior high school dream of being in a band.  Hopefully he’ll be at this for years to come.


Pat Harvey  –  Bass  |  Vocals

Pat HarveyPat, who along with drummer Clay, holds down the rhythm section for Last Chance.  Pat’s first exposure to rock n’ roll, like most others of his generation, was the Beatles’ appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964.  Immediately he and the neighborhood kids got together with tennis rackets and coffee cans to form their first “band”.  It was just a short time later that Pat got his first guitar (Silvertone acoustic from the Sears catalogue), and the rest, as they say, is rock history.  After 25 years of raising a family and running a business, Pat decided it was time to get back in the game to sow some more of those rockin’ oats.  He was a founding member of one of the 10,000 or so bands formed by middle-aged rockers named “Mid Life Crisis” (go ahead, Google it & see how many come up!).  It was in MLF that he met Les Samuelson, who then persuaded Pat to join Last Chance.  Pat was born in Wyoming, raised in Manhattan Beach, and has resided in Mission Viejo for over 30 years.  He and wife Cathy have three kids, all accomplished musicians.  Pat’s “part-time” job when not playing with Last Chance is as President of a South Orange County commercial interiors construction business.


Clay Samuelson  –  Drums  |  Vocals

Clay Samuelson“I was introduced to the drums one day as my dad came home with a 5 piece drum set my brother had been wanting. I liked the color, but didn’t dig the fact that they took up so much space. Had no clue how to play ’em, either. My brother said they were easy to play…..just takes a little coordination…..and an ear for music. There must of been over a hundred albums in his collection and I had heard ’em all. Had the ear thing down. Learning to move my arms and legs at different speeds and times was all that was left. This all happened in 1971 and I’m still learning new strategies and songs. And, yes, I still play that same drum set from time to time and it reminds me of what a big part music has played in my life.”


Ted Taylor  –  Sound Engineer

Ted TayorTed started his career in Sound mixing for a vocal ministry at church in the Silverlake area of LA at the age of 14, then moved on to running sound throughout high school in Glendale, Ca for the public auditorium. During this time he provided PA and sound mixing for various high school rock bands. At this same time Ted started a recording company that specialized in location or remote recording for various school music departments in the Glendale, Pasadena, and LA school systems. After High School Ted attended Pasadena City College studying Radio Broadcast Engineering, then graduated from SoundMaster Recording Engineer Schools (now named Pinnacle College). Though he never achieved a career as a recording engineer, Ted now runs a successful 20 year business in Orange County designing and installing high-end entertainment and integrated electronic systems. Ted and his wife of 28 years, JoAnne, live in Chino Hills, Ca. After knowing Les for years, he offered to try running sound for Last Chance and after the first band practice, he was hooked.